All Inclusive Package

Experience the ultimate getaway with our new all-inclusive package at The Imperial. Enjoy a relaxing stay that includes a comfortable bed, dinner and a delicious breakfast. Feeling peckish? Our range of lunchtime snacks will keep you energised throughout your stay, between your meals. Take advantage of our unlimited selected drinks each day, from 12pm to 11pm! Plan your all-inclusive Blackpool getaway now!

Terms and conditions

• All guests are required to wear the attached wrist band for identification purposes when
requiring service. These wristbands are not transferable and must be worn at all times to
avoid service being withheld. Should your wrist band break, please bring the broken item to
reception for a replacement
• A maximum of one item (food and drinks) per person present in the room may be ordered at
any one time
• Bar and restaurant staff do not have access to all-inclusive information and any dispute may
only be attended to by the duty manager
• All-inclusive packages will cease to be valid after breakfast on the day of departure